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    Part of audio no longer works

    Bruce BFD Level 1

      I'm running PP CS5.5 and just started experiencing a problem I've never had before. First, here's the set up:

      The project: A series of talking head videos with 4 different people addressing 6 different subjects. Each video/sequence addresses a separate subject. The problem is with video/sequence #1 (introductions).


      I imported the video for each speaker and cleaned up the audio in Audition. I saved the audio for each person with the exact same settings.

      I then replaced the original audio with the clean audio.

      I created 6 sequences, one for each topic, and edited the speakers together.

      I replaced them with AE comps so they could be keyed.

      In Premiere, I added titles, etc. to the linked comps.

      I exported the sequences as WMV files for client review. I did this a few times. The audio was fine in all of them.

      However, when I played back the last version of #1, the audio drops out for about 20 seconds. Specifically, it drops out after Ileana finishes speaking and when Alan starts speaking and continues a few seconds into Steffen's part. Once the audio comes back, it sounds fine.


      This is what I've done to try to troubleshoot it.

      Thinking there may be something wrong with the source file, I opened up Alan's cleaned audio and it plays fine in the source monitor. I then tried placing it into the sequence and it's really distorted. This happens no matter which audio track I place it in. If I watch in the mixer, the audio level is right around -6, so it's not being distorted due to too high of a level.


      This ONLY happens with this one sequence, and it was fine until a couple of hours ago. The other 5 are fine. Any ideas?