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    Red Rocket and Premiere Pro CS6

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      So what I want to know is what exactly does the Red Rocket add to Premiere Pro CS6? I have one installed in my Mac Pro and have found similiar performance with it off and on in terms of playback and rendering. I found this post from Adobe employee Will Renczes in another thread:


      To the OP:  I think you need to unravel the complexity.  You should also be able to get 4K RED files playing back @ 1/4 res without a Rocket - the only thing the Rocket brings to the table is realtime debayering @ full res.  There's plenty of people editing 4K footage on macbooks @ 1/4 res...

      Is that really the only advantage to this $5000 card in Premiere? I won't see any increase in performance unless the playback resolution is set to full? I just tried a test and my computer definately lags playing it back in full res without the RR, but it still stutters a bit even with the RR activated. I guess I wish it helped the playback at lower resolutions, as well as during the export process.

      Do any other Adobe CS6 apps make use of it better (Speedgrade perhaps)? If this card really isn't doing all that much, might just try to sell it. Darn you Adobe for being able to edit RED footage without a crazy expensive card!








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          Look at the preview resolution for your Red Timeline in Adobe. If you want to play 4K and 5K out to a monitoring solution able to handle that via Redcine-X then the Red Rocket is the way to go right now. If your transcoding red files constantly via Redcine-X then it also speeds that up. This is the case atleast till you start seeing HDMi 1.4 monitors that support 4K res.