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    Update problems with Premiere Pro and AAM (Adobe Applications Manager)

    DeepYogurt Level 1

      I am using Premiere Pro CS6 via a Creative Cloud subscription and am having a problem. AAM (Adobe Application Manager) says that Premiere Pro needs updating to 6.0.1 but if I run Premiere Pro and check it's version, it says it already is 6.0.1 - so how would AAM fail to understand that PP is at 6.0.1 when PP knows that it is already there??


      So guess the real question is what does AAM use to decide what version the different apps are at and then tell you which updates you need to install? And how might it have gotten confused?


      And most of all, how to "un-confuse" AAM?


      Please don't suggest uninstalling PP - because with CC and AAM, then you have to re-download the entire app once again from inside AAM - it doesn't keep the install media around after it has installed it, but insists on downloading the same version yet again, and taking another hour or two to get back to where it was the last time it downloaded the app.


      Any suggestions??


      Thanks ...