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    Trying to open a published file on Chrome


      I had an animation that I created on CS5 at my school, and I published that animation. I saved the animation on my flash drive, and when I tried to open the animation on my computer at home, Chrome just opens a blank screen. I don't know why it's not playing the animation, I had done this before, and it played, but when I tried opening that file that worked, it too was just a blank screen on Chrome. Is there anything I can do to play the animation on my web browser?

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          adninjastrator Level 4

          You may have only copied the HTML file to your Flash drive and not the .swf file also.

          You need both and perhaps also the javascript file that was created.

          So go back and check that you have ALL the files in the exact file/folder structure that was created when you published.

          Other than that... check to make sure you have the Flash browser pluggin that matches the version that you published for.

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