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    AAF and OMF export of nested sequences? And AAF import to Audition?


      I was testing the export of OMF and AAF. I found the following:




      1) A sequence that is a composite of nested sequences, is mixed down to a single stereo track.

      2) One test case which had some audio clips and a nested clip, the audio clips were correcly 'encapsulated', but the nested audio was 'missing' when the OMF file was opened in Audition.

          If I selected the 'separate audio files' option, Premiere emitted an error message and hung.



      1) Audition apparently does not process AAF files.



      The question here is, are projects which are intended for further audio processing required to only have the single level in a sequence, that is they can contain no nested sequences. Seems to be a pretty brutal requirement, given that many projects benefit by having sequences 'nested' then a final master sequences that collects them all.


      And why would Audition not accept an AAF file, since it is my understanding that AAF is a packaging format that was not as 'proprietary' as OMF.


      I should also note that my experiements were directed to 'how to export to other tools'. It just happens that Audition is the only tool I have available at the moment to test 'import' with. So, I'm interested in 'going to a non-Adobe DAW', than how to transfer between Premiere/Audition.