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    Whoever had a hand in the ePub output CS6...

    marcusstringer Level 3

      Thanks for wreaking it.


      Coming from CS3 to CS6

      Because CS4 got it wrong

      CS5 and CS5.5 both although fixing CS4 mistakes broke other things.


      List of things that annoy




      Tried the epub output options based on chapter paragraph style.

      I consider this broken although it finally splits the document.


      I expected the .xhtml files to be named according to whatever was on the ChapterParagraph Style

      Massively disappointed, no point using it. I'll go back to my apple script which splits and places in a book file



      Capital letters in Stylesheet name no longer get converted to lowercase (spent 1/2 Hour working this one out) thanks very much.


      Carriage returns are included…NOT COOL!!!


      Changing the folder name from images to image…NOT COOL!!!



      That's everything I've found so far...Mind you I haven't finished cleaning it out of uneeded crap...


      I want my CS3 back...OMG what have I done.