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    Issues linking media in cs3 project opened in cs5.5


      So trying to help out a co-worker with a project that was originally created in Premiere Pro 2. Taking that to CS 5.5 we are having issues linking AVI files. In Premiere Pro 2 and in CS3 premiere has no problem seeing the avi as an audio file or isn't bothering with what format they are in. But in CS5.5 we get the Cannot Link Media The selected file cannot be linked because its type(video) does not match the original file(audio).


      When you look at the avi files through media info there is only audio information no video information. I am not sure how these audio avi files were created either in the first place.


      But what would be the best way to get these files working in CS5.5? would it be best to just get all the audio avi files and convert them to an audio format(wav, mp3, wma) then replace them so we don't loose the edits? Or is there a way we can tell premiere to just use the file anyway?


      The simple and/or quickest solution would be the best.