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    Mobile App - DateSpinner Performance Issues

    sleblang Level 1

      I have spent the better part of an evening narrowing down why my View is taking so long to load. Low and behold I discovered that it is indeed the DateSpinner component. I have tested it on a Galaxy SII as well as a Galaxy Nexus and both performance is identical....slow to load the View. Additionally, I tweaked/simplified Devgirl's DateSpinner example ( http://devgirl.org/2011/11/17/flex-mobile-development-datespinner-sample-with-source/ ) to see if I would get the same results as I did with my APP and I did. I posted the the project file/FXP here - https://www.box.com/s/0ef3f21eb0ea70f579b3

      I have to believe that this is some sort of bug. Any additional insight is certainly appreciated.

      Thanks, in advance.