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    Dividing blog posts automatically with a "Read more" function?

    cc08180 Level 1

      In our company the Business Catalyst blog will be used by several users, most of them without any HTML knowledge. At the moment the full blog posts are being showed on the blog frontpage, but I would like to divide the posts and include a "Read more" function.


      I know this is possible with the {tag_blogpostbodypreview}, but I can't seem to figure out an easy way to do it. Will I really have to insert <p></p> tags where I want the content to start and finish? I know trouble will come of this when users without any knowledge start blogging.


      Isn't there an easier way to tell BC to divide the posts? Maybe after a certain amount of words or characters? Or even better, just by inserting a tag of some kind where I want the "Read more" function to come in place? (in case I want it after a picture or a video)