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    Keyboard differences between Mac and PC

    andi_urra Level 1

      Hello Adobe Team,


      I am curious to learn why there are now so many differences between the Mac and PC keyboard shortcuts.


      Reason: I am working on both plattforms on a daily basis. Up to CS5.5 the differences were minor and mostly restricted to the established

      cmd (Mac) = ctrl (PC)

      opt (mac) = alt (PC)


      So, building muscle memory was easy and when looking up help and tutorials, it was always clear how this would translate to my current system.


      Now, that standard modifier key translation does not hold anymore. E.g.


      toggle trim tools               ctrl + t (PC)               = shift + t (Mac)

      Clear current marker       ctrl + opt + m (PC)    = opt + m (Mac)


      (i.e. even the number of applied modifier keys changed)


      Now it is really difficult to build muscle memory for the shortcuts. Of course, I could start to build my own bindings but


      a) this takes time

      b) I also work on a number of different machines that are not  mine to administrate

      c) all help/tutorials etc. that refers to the standard keyboard shortcuts does not match my current system anymore


      So I would be very interested in learning what drove this decision in the development at Adobe? I tried to figure out possible reasons but came up empty.


      Kind regards,