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    InDesign export to PDF doesn't work.


      Anyone with the slightest clue what I am doing wrong here? I have a InDesign file I am trying to export to a PDF, but it is not working. (I have a screen shot that would make this explaination so much easier, but it won't load)


      The file is an A3 a background image, some text and 7 PDF images. 4 of the PDF images am I able to place and export to PDF, but as  soon as I try to add the remainding 3 (or just one of the 3) the file won't export as PDF. All the PDFs are made at the same time, with the same technique (AI files saved as PDFs). The PDF images were orgiginally created in CS4 and CS5, but I ahev edited them in CS6 an saved them after that.

      I have tried turning my mac (OS Lion) on and of again. I have tried quitting InDesign. I have tried force quitting InDesign. I have tried about every solution I can find online (that I understand), but it just does not seem to work. What am I doing wrong??


      The errors occurring are:

      - "Out of memory"

      - "Unable to display PDF image on tha page"

      - "Failed to export the PDF file"


      If anyone could help that would be very much appriciated, since my deadline is in less than 45 hours...