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    Can't change variable names using refactor (Updated)

    Amy Blankenship Level 4

      Refactoring is broken on my installation of Flash Builder (installed with Web Premium). I selected the first "step" in this code and Right-clicked, selecting Refactor>Rename. 



      var step:ExerciseStep = new ExerciseStep();

      step.presentation = blockElement.@presentation;


      var questionsElement:XMLList = blockElement.questions;

      if (questionsElement) {

      var filter:XMLList = questionsElement.elements('question');

      step.filter = filter;









      I typed in a new name for my local variable, and FB came up with an error:


      A fatal error occurred while performing the refactoring: References could not be found. Nothing to rename.


      As you can see, there are plenty of references right * there!!


      This problem is even worse when I try to rename Class files (either from the package explorer or right clicking the class name in the as file), because this renames the AS file only, and does not rename the internal class definition or the constructor. It also does not update any references to the class anywhere in the project.


      I think what's really broken is the ability to find references, but I don't know how to fix it.


      Closing and reopening FB doesn't work, nor does rebooting.


      I'd appreciate any help with this issue


      UPDATE: I am finding that ctrl-1 is coming up with "no suggestions available." when I right-click a public variable to change it to a getter/setter.


      I know that at least a few people have looked at this, and if anyone from Adobe is watching, I would truly appreciate some kind of help on this.