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    All the implications of placing text from another file


      Hi all,

      I have a large document with masters that I use for my proposals. I created all the masters I need in this file, then when I get a request for proposal, I just copy out the masters I need for that particular one (depending on the products requested).


      The original file is getting pretty big (175 MB), and I'm looking for ways to make it smaller, as it's starting to drag. I was thinking of cutting all text out of it, creating Word docs, then placing the text back in, but I had some questions.

      1. Will this really shrink the file size that much?

      2. How will the Word document be affected if I change text within InDesign? Do changes in InDesign change the original document?

      3. Will all of my character styles stay (such as highlighting the area where I need to fill in the customer's name)?


      If anyone could point me to a good reference on placing text or help me with some guidance I would much appreciate it. This is a big project and I want to start it correctly.