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    Eratic Flash Behavior In Browser (IE)


      I am working with Flash/FMS in a SharePoint environment and I am getting mixed results.


      I have a .SWF uploaded to a document library, and I have set the permissions to Full Control for all users. In the same Document Library, I have loaded the HTML document and set it's permissions to Full Control. In the SharePoint page where I want it to appear, I use a Page Viewer Web Part, and call the HTML page via url.


      On my machine and a few co-workers, the page renders fine: the .SWF loads correctly, and the video plays when the person hits the Play button.


      On other users machines, the .SWF does not load correctly. There is a big white spot where the .SWF should be. If you put your mouse where the .SWF would be and right click, you see the pop-up menu for the Flash player.


      Our ecosystem is pretty locked down - We all are using Windows 7 Enterprise edition, we use IE 8 and most of the browser settings are controlled by group policy. Also- the users who are having problems can use other sites for video using Flash Player like YouTube.


      Does anyone have any idea why this would be happening?