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    Huge file size and long save time in Premiere Elements 10


      I have just got Premiere Elements 10.


      I have a 80MB webinar recording in wmv format which I'm using PE10 to remove sections and resave. No fancy filters or effects. Just cutting out unwanted bits. My issue is that no matter what save formats I look to set, my 60 minute cut down video is estimated at almost 6GB. It has also been rendering and saving for the past 3 hours and only at 41%. How in the world can the shorter video be 75 times larger than the original!!!!


      I've used a lot of Adobe products in the past so I can't believe this software would actually be designed to be this way. I had previously used other software such as Windows Movie Maker and the file and save times were much smaller/shorter.


      My laptop has 4GB of RAM and an Intel Core Duo 2.66GHz processor so that can't be it. Also my Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator etc all run fine.


      Any advise please? I must be missing something. PE10 couldn't be this useless.