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    Combining Projects (Unmerging)

    Scott McC Level 1

      I inherited a merged help project that has six child projects with over 3,000 total topics. The help is for software that configures seven different devices. The menus, screens, and available options differ based on what device you have connected.


      If I restructure the help according to device type it would make the information easier for my customers to find and reduce the need for conditionalized text. The information I need to do this is contained in six child projects. I was hoping that I could combine all to the child projects into a single project, copy that project once for each device, and then edit each project since it would contain the information for all devices.


      I know I can manually add topics contained in a single folder. The problem is there are 580 subfolders among the six child projects. You can understand why I don't want to manually add the topics contained in each folder. Does anyone know of a way to combine all folders and subfolders among RoboHelp projects (other than manually)?