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    Discuss Quick Synch in Ivy Bridge Laptops?

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      For those who must use a portable edit solution, powerful laptops are a must for PPro. New reviews on the latest Ivy Bridge equipped laptops are indicating a possible huge leap forward in performance, due to the "Quick Synch" feature included within the integrated graphics onboard the CPU. Even with this feature disabled, the Ivy Bridge CPU seems to have a great performance encoding video.  See this link: http://http://hothardware.com/Reviews/Intel-Core-i73720QM-Ivy-Bridge-Mobile-Processor-Revi ew-/?page=4


      I do not know if Adobe PPro is written to take advantage of this,or not.Can someone who knows please comment ?There is a mention of third party software that allows a discrete GPU to be used at the same time as the onboard 4000 Intel graphics, ( normally the integrated graphics would have to be disabled to use a discrete video card). The review shows the Intel 4000 graphics almost on par with a discrete CUDA card for some tasks, and blowing the CUDA card away in one video encoding task!! Could it be possible to combine a CUDA card with the onboard Quick Synch for killer performance of PPro or AEffects??!! The article states that many software companies are writing their programs to take advantage of "Quick Synch"....is Adobe one of them??


      The Ivy Bridge tested in the review reaches 3.4 GHz on all 4 cores under load with the turbo feature. Combined with 1600 speed memory maxxed out and two internal Cherryville Intel high speed SSDs, I'm wondering how such a laptop would perform on the PPBM test!!!


      As a laptop user,due to frequent travel, I would appreciate any thoughts by all you guys who know far,far more than me....Harm, RJL, Bill, et al.......


      Am I right to be excited???.....or, will "Quick Synch" with Adobe become " Quick Stink"!!!


      After posting this, I saw the following thread in the sidebar from a year ago : http://http://forums.adobe.com/message/3693326#3693326   This mentions an Intel plug-in to enable PPro to use Quick Synch , and AME as well. Also, Lucid Virtu software to allow access to the integrated graphics while the CUDA card is on.


      Have there been any newer developments with this...esp. with laptops and the newer Ivy Bridge CPUs?


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          I am not sure if the SDK plug-in option is still available for the Quicksync with Adobe and no idea if it works with CS6. This was something on Intel's site and that they developed or atleast listed with the walk through. Beyond that I have not checked in months.


          Unless the Virtu software has been updated, it does not work with Cuda based applications for Cuda acceleration.




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            Thanks for the reply Eric.   I also saw your thread from a year ago testing the Quick Synch with the Sandy Bridge.....wow, the encode time was almost 3 times faster than without it!!


            There has got to be some way Adobe can leverage this for their users....especially laptop users, whose hardware is not as robust as the desktop machines.