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    How to change keyboard shortcut for zoom in

    HilmarGud Level 1

      For some reason I dont have a keyboard shortcut for zoom in. I can zoom out and cmd+= to get a fit view. The Zoom in says that the shortcut is cmd+= but not cmd+ +


      Can I change this or add this into keyboard shortcuts?

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          [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

          Check what it is assigned to in the keyboard shortcut editor (under "Edit" menu).


          To see your current set and quickly locate under which of the dozen-and-some categories "zoom" is hiding, click the Show Set button and use the local "find" command of your OS plain text editor.


          "Cmd + +" would indicate that you need to press command, then the "+" button -- the regular way of expressing that would be Cmd +Shf + =. Perhaps you *need* to use the numerical '+' on your system? (It's not required on my Mac, I can use both the '=' and numerical '+'.)