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    Possible to export a page as sRGB PDF?

    HealthcareHelper Level 1

      We have a client submitting PDF files to us for conversion to an image-based online (Web) reader. Our software is designed to convert only from PDF. This one client's magazine has sometimes shown poor quality after conversion, and we're not sure why. Hundreds of other magazines and only this one has trouble. We think it's their InDesign settings, but their graphic designer is relatively new. Our production manager did some research (none of us is InDesign-saavy) and decided the PDFs need to be in sRGB color instead of CMYK. Our manager used Acrobat Pro to convert some of their pages and then got better results after running them through our software. But he doesn't want to manually convert all of their PDFs with Acrobat and then have to charge the client for custom work. Problem is, when we open our only copy of InDesign, it appears the only way to get sRGB output is to output the pages as JPG files. Tips?