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    pdfOpenOptions dimensions workaround?


      I'm trying to create a set of thumbnails from a number of pdf documents. When I create them individually, there are no problems, and I can get exactly what I want. However, the deprecation of the dimensions option in CS6 limits the possibility to script this. Here's the process:

      1. open pdf at specified dimensions
      2. flatten image
      3. save for web (png-8)
      4. close the file


      The resultant file is very small (~10K), and the text looks crisp and black. Conversely, if I script the files to be resized once opened and save them for web, the file size is almost twice as large, and the text is much softer and less black. Is there any workaround for this? I can record an action which does it, but then there's a problem with the file name being specified within the action.