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    Three Questions about CS6 Bridge and Photoshop and CR2


      1.I Upgraded CS6 to my computer. Old Version was 5.5 and Bridge was 5.1. Why the CR2 filer doesn´t all show in thumbnails and no image is shown in the right window where you can check the picture. The CR2 files are shot with Canon 5D Mark II. Also Photoshop doesn´'t show the prewies when you try to open. In 5 version these weren´t problems.


      2. Why Bridge doesn´t show  the pictures color profile in metatada, it says Untagged. The images are shot in Nikon D3000 camera. It shows it in Raw file.


      3. Why some pictures show little unfocused in Bridge but when you go o raw, it is sharp. The sharpen little checking window in Bridge shows 200%?


      and finally


      4. I think that now when I have two CS versions in my computer they slows it down. Is it okay to burn the CS5.5 files in DVD and then uninstall it?