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    Having trouble animating 3D object in CS6 Extended


      In CS5 to animate rotation of a 3D object, e.g. a sphere, I would set a '3D Object Position' keyframe at the start of the animation timeline, another at the end and enter the number of degrees rotation into the appropriate axis text box. The layout is a bit different in CS6, so I might be missing something, but this does not work for me. If I enter a value in the rotation box the object will rotate to that position, but as soon as I press enter or move the focus to a different box the image goes back to its initial position. On further testing the same applies to translation and scaling on the animation timeline. The same behaviour occurs where the movements are input by dragging in the image rather than text input.


      If this is done without the timeline the rotation/scaling etc works fine either by text input or by dragging. However, in this situation it appears that it is impossible to set a rotation 360° or greater. The number of degrees is reduced modulo 360 so, for example, 480° becomes 120° and 360° becomes 0°. If animation inputs were working correctly and this behaviour applied it would prevent animation of a full rotation because entering 360° would become 0°. Similarly for animating greater rotation e.g. one-and-a-half turns would only animate 180°.


      Is there something I'm missing to enable these inputs? And, if so, how can inputs 360° and greater be entered?


      Many thanks.


      (I'm on Windows 64 Ultimate. Up to date graphics driver.  Behaviour is the same in 64bit and 32bit Photoshop.)