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    Acrobat Form Fill Fields - Can you specify a font?

    Bobby Crosbo Level 1

      I am using the new feature of InDesign CS6 that allows creation of form fields for PDFs. After exporting the page to PDF via the interactive setup dialog [command+E 'Adobe PDF (interactive)] I'll inspect the finished PDF in Acrobat 9. Everything looks as it should, except that when I type in some sample text in a text field, it uses Times Roman as the font. I would like it to use Arial regular.


      I can't find any way to specify a font for these form fields in InDesign CS6. This particular project involves quite a large number of files - so I'd rather avoid a process that requires me to go in to Acrobat and 'tweak' each PDF, changing the font in the properties dialog of each field to the Arial.


      Is there a way to set the font of a form field directly in InDesign? I've looked around and can't find a menu or dialog that addresses this.


      Thanks in advance for any help.

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