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    Cineform not rendering properly!


      I always use Cineform. Got the newest update, and I use it now with Premiere Pro CS6. Fastest rendering I ever had. But when the timeline is done rendering, ALL of the clips, which are Cineform AVIs, using effects such as Boris, or Sapphire Edge, are black! All the parameters for the effects are still in the effects panels, the video still plays on the timeline, everything else is normal, etc., but the video itself doesn't show! I tried deleting preview files. Fail. I tested removing the effects themselves. Success! But I need those effects for my clients, so fail! I can still hear/play the audio, but the video just disappers. Making a new project with Mercury Playback Software renderer, and importing the project, did nothing. All video is still black. HELP ME PLEASE!


      Software w/ all updates

      Premiere Pro CS6

      Go Pro Cineform

      Windows 7 Pro 64



      1 TB external Hard drive using esata connection

      GeForce GTS 250

      Mercury Playback Hardware Renderer

      16GB RAM

      Core i7 930 Stock



      Effects missing:

      Sapphire Edge V2 Filters

      Boris BCC8