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    Semi-static table

    MIGhunter Level 1

      I'm using a cfgrid to make a page that consists of 28 static rooms. I need to be able to make it so that the information is deletable but not the rooms. I also still need the ability to add rooms if needed for overflow. I can't for the life of me figure out how to set it up so that the rooms aren't being deleted when we clear the whole grid. Thanks for the help.


      Something like this


      Room | Name | Complaint | Comment

      1 | John Smith | Something | odd


      I need to be able to delete the the Name, Complaint and Comment but keep the room #.  Any ideas on how to best achieve this?

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          Dan Bracuk Level 5

          I dislike cfgrids and don't use them but I do similar things with html forms.  In this case I would get the user to leave the name field blank for the records to be deleted and process that information accordingly.


          Adding rooms for overflow is a different matter.  It would depend on what rooms physically exist and how these rooms exist in your database.

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            MIGhunter Level 1

            I was thinking about using a CFC like I used to in the old days.  The one thing I like about CFGRID is the ability to dynamically resize the table and hide columns.  My javascript ability isn't very good.  How do you handle that with just CF and HTML tables?

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              Dan Bracuk Level 5

              Hiding columns is easy - just don't display them.  Freezing row headers and certain columns is the tough part.  However, if you check out datatables.com you might find some jquery and css libraries you can use.