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    Select>Modify>Contract Grayed Out

    mhossey Level 1

      Mac OSX 10.7

      PS CS5


      Okay, I know this has been posted before and I've read 4 or 5 threads with no resolve for me. The problem is that after using my select all, or using the marquee tool (tried both ways) to draw the selection my contract option is still grayed out it (like most everyone else has said). Only difference is, it was WORKING fine 30 min ago, I've used it many times while working on numerous documents and now all of the sudden it wont work on anything. I havn't made any changes to any prefs, but maybe I hit a hotkey and locked something? I remember when my define pattern was grayed out, I read a post where I clicked one simple option and voila it was back to normal...something with a spacebar shortcut I think? Too long ago to remember, anyways I was hoping there might be an option for this. I know the work arounds and use them from time to time, but I really would like for shortcut to be normal again



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          mhossey Level 1

          ...also I just found out: After using the transform selection, only then does my contract, expand etc... options come back to life. Still not good enough though

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            Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

            Not sure what is going on here, because AFAIK the only way to modify a full page selection is with Border, which is clunky, and Transform Selection.  The only reason you'd be able to use Contract after Transform selection would be if the transformation moved the selection in from full page.

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              Meredith Payne Stotzner Adobe Employee

              In CS5, if you chose Select > Select All or had the selection touching the border, the Select > Modify Commands were unavailable.


              This issue is solved with today's (10/6/14) release of Photoshop CC 2014 contains a "Apply Effect at Canvas Bounds" option for the follow features:


              Select > Modify > Smooth...

              Select > Modify > Expand...

              Select > Modify > Contract...

              Select > Modify > Feather...


              Users now have the option to have these commands apply to an entire selection or just the portion of the selection that is not touching the canvas bounds with the "Apply effect at canvas bounds" checkbox.


              The checkbox option is remembered for each, individual selection modification option. The checkbox default is "off" on first launch and with preferences deleted.


              With the "Apply effect at canvas bounds" checkbox ON, the behavior is equivalent to Photoshop CS3 behavior.


              Thank you for your feedback!


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