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    Updating existing/published iOS app from Flash CS5 to CS6

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      I've run into an issue today. I've got an app on the Apple AppStore that I originally published with CS5 AIR for iOS - I recently upgraded to FLASH CS6, and performed an update on the file. It saved all the same app information (file name, app ID, etc) as previous, and compiled the app without a hitch. HOWEVER, when I submit the app, I received the "Invalid Binary" error.


      I double checked to make sure my certificates were the correct ones, checked my App ID - created a version one digit higher from previous. Checked everything imaginable. Compared the original file to the CS6 version and everything was ok. Yet could not get the CS6 .ipa to be accepted. I've got about 20 apps published on the AppStore already, so I like to think I know what to check for by now LoL (I'm sure we all know how fun that was to try and figure out how to get ONE published )


      I opened the original file in Flash CS5 - recreated the update to the app... compiled my .ipa - and the app was accepted on the first attempt.


      I started going through the XML files from both CS5 and CS6 to check for anything different between the two that could potentially be triggering the error.

      I noticed a couple of differences in the tags...


      CS5: <version>

      CS6: <versionNumber>


      CS6 also contains the additional tag referencing the latest apple devices feature: <requestedDisplayResolution>

      CS5 does not.


      In CS5, my <filename> did NOT contain a space between the two words <filename>MyApp</filename>

      YET CS6 added a space... <filename>My App</filename>


      The files are named exactly the same, so I'm not sure where this extra space came from in CS6, or if that is even relevant to the app submission error check.


      I'm wondering if anybody is having the same issue?

      If there is an existing fix or patch available?
      Any help is appreciated.



      SideNote: I have developed a NEW app in CS6 and it was accepted without any errors -- which leads me to believe the differences between the .ipa compilers in the two programs are triggering the invalid binary error.