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    aepx files


      How can i extract composition name, duration, fips, etc from aepx xml project for each item that is a composition?  Any documentation would be great; an xsd with detailed notes would be the bomb.  To date, I have


      a) examined the xml file in depth and can see the list of items and xpaths, etc

      b) read and convert the bdata attribute to ascii text, sometimes this  is just garbage so I don't have the correct conversion obviously

      c) written a jsx script to extract the info from within After Effects (want to do it via xml)

      d) scoured for any clues on internet.  t


      Thanks in advance for input.

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          I don't think you can actually parse the project structure using XML. There's simply too much binary data whose relation you can't figure out this way. This feature was never meant for this, anyway. It's merely a hacky kinda way to substitute literal strings for names, text layer source text and similar stuff.