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    _root.changePhoto() Command Help

      I have made a page with thumbnails of photos. I want to be able to click these thumbnails to make the image full screen. I can get it to work with the _root.changePhoto(1); command, however that would only work if all i wanted was a next and previous button. I have tried to put the name of the image in the parentheses, and that just came up with a compiler error. Anyone have any ideas? Is there another way to do this that is more efficient? Thanks!!!
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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant
          You don't show what the function changePhoto() looks like, so I'll have to ask some questions. Are each of the thumbnails a movieClip? If so, then be sure to name each instance of these movieClips. Are the thumbnails on the root level of this movie, or are they in another movieClip? How are you calling this changePhoto() function? If you have named movieClips for the thumbnails then you could assign an function to the onRelease event for each movieClip. Then you can use the instance name in the changePhoto() function. I would do this something like this: