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    Embedding a .pbj file into a mobile app...

    Laurence MacNeill Level 1

      So, one would think that the following statement would work:


      Embed[source="myPixelBender.pbj", mimeType="application/octet-stream"]

      private var MyPixelBender:Class


      private function myFunction():void{

           myShader:Shader = new Shader( new MyPixelBender() as ByteArray)

           myShader.data.blah.blah.blah = blah;




      HOWEVER, when I export this program to a mobile device, it fails on the "blah.blah.blah" line with a "#1010: A term is undefined and has no properties." error...  When I run it on the desktop emulator, it works fine...


      So clearly, something's different between the "run on the desktop" and "run on the device" settings...  Why is that file being left out when I run it on the mobile device itself?


      Thanks for any help you can give me.

      Laurence MacNeill

      Mableton, Georgia, USA