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    Documents not printing correctly


      We recently upgraded our marketing department from CS4 Design Standard to CS5.5 on to CS6 and now a printing problem has cropped up, starting in CS5.5.


      When printing a document with a lot on it most of the graphics are missing. The only way to get the document to print correctly is to export to Acrobat and print from there. I thought it might be a post script driver issue so I updated it to latest one available, even trying the universal driver, but the issue still remained. I then tried the PCL driver, this seemed to fix the issue, everything prints but it doesn't print very well with boxes showing all around the images. Also using the PCL driver has caused issues with other unrelated software so I'd prefer to use the Post Script driver.


      I have printed the problem documents from my computer using a different printer with no problems but I am in a different state so that doesn't help them much.


      InDesign is version 8.0, the OS is Vista SP2 and the printer is a Ricoh Aficio MP C5000 using a PCL6 driver.


      I can supply an example if that will help at all, any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated as it's driving our design team nuts.

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Did you mean you can print to a differnt printer WITHOUT problems?  I suspect you did, and the issue is probably the printer. The don't say "emulation" anwhere that I coould find in a quick search, but they also don't say Genuine Adobe Postcript 3, or show the Adobe logo onthe literature, so I suspect it really is an emulation. ID doesn't seem to get along well with all emulation drivers (we see a lot of reports about HP printers and few about Ricohs) and the PDF workaround is really the best bet.


          For waht it's worth, I think printing from a PDF is usally faster, anyway. It's also imperative if the file is going out for print that you do your inhouse prints with the same file you send out.

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            DavinH Level 1

            I can print to a different printer, but still a Ricoh, from a different computer using the same file and same version of InDesign with no issues using the Ricoh universal PS driver. I may try the universal PS again in just in case.


            I did manage to find some small print that said genuine Adobe Postscript 3;


            http://www.ricoh-usa.com/products/docs/pdf/brochures/multifunction_color/Aficiompc4000.pdf ,


            found near the end under Print Controller specifications.


            I'll do some more testing from other PC's to the same printer as not everyone has reported similar issues, though I don't know if thats using InDesign specifically or other CS programs.


            Your suggestion to print from a PDF isn't the first I've come across so if worse comes to worse that may be the way to go.



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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              From what you are saying, it sounds like this is genuine postscript, and if others are not reporting problems, you probably shouldn't have them either. You might want to check what format the print data is being sent, and rather than just update the driver, I'd delete the printer and reinstall with the new driver.