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    [CS6] Change Page height while keeping header/footer pinned to top/bottom

    big_smile Level 1

      I use inDesign CS6 to mock up web pages.

      Each of my webpages have a header and footer which is on the master page (That way if I make changes to the master pages, the changes are updated throughout).


      Each of the webpages have different heights. I can use the Page tool (Shift +P) to quickly change the heights of the page.

      I would like to make it that as I change the height, the header and footer stay pinned to the top/bottom respectievly.


      If I set the anchor point of the page tool to "top center", then header stays pinned to the top, but space is addedd below the footer.

      I set the anchor point to "center" then space is added above the header and below the footer.


      I have tried using the liquid layout tools to pin the header/footer in place.

      If I drag the blue handles on the page tool, then the header and footer stay in place.

      However, the moment I let go of the blue handles, the page returns to its original size.

      If I use the options in the page tool toolbar, then header and footer ignore my liquid layout settings.


      How can I make the page taller while keeping the header/footer pinned to the top/bottom of the document edge?