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    Using AS to Create Dynamic Images

    parkeast Level 1
      Hi all... hoping someone here can help me out.

      I'm working on this site for a client, and they're going to have a lot of inventory for me to add to it.

      If you enter the site and then click on "Sofas" on the left menu you'll see the layout I'm doing.

      I've uploaded a file of just the "sofas" section for you to download here.

      What I'm wondering is if there's an easy way to make just one movie clip called "thumbnail" and one called "big". Then, depending on the section the person goes to they would create all the movie clips and let the Loader component know what image to load in based on the section.

      Then I could just upload the jpgs to the server and not have to make 300+ movieclips for every one of them.

      Hope this makes sense.

      Oh yeah... you'll notice I'm using Blogger to get the content onto each sofa... but that may not matter one way or another. Hopefully not. If there's a better way to populate the text let me know.