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    Premiere CS6.0.1 EDL and XML broken?

    AngeloLorenzo Level 1

      Edit:I actually went into each media clip, cleared the in and out points, and then recut the same in and outs and replaced the clips on the timeline. Problem solved, but it freaks me out that there was no concrete reason behind what happened. I wonder if it's related to using the trim tools.


      I first noticed this issue when importing to Speedgrade, there were random clips that were stretched 100.5% to make up for a one frame difference in duration. Weird, I thought.


      After some deep troubleshooting I've noticed that CS6's handling of timecode is broken. Lets say, in a 24.00fps project with matching 24.00fps footage, I mark an in at 10:28:00:05 and an out at 10:28:08:15 for a duration of 00:00:08:11. When I export this to an EDL, it shows a range of 10:28:00:05-10:28:08:15 which is wrong. EDLs use outside cuts for their outpoints; basically timecode + 1. Whenever I import it to Speedgrade or any other program, I come up a frame short.


      I tested the issue and it doesn't happen in CS5.5 so I thought great, I'll just move over my project using XML.... the XML import still displays the same issue, coming up short one frame. Edit for clarification: the timelines imported from the XML generated by CS6 look ok, but if I click on the clip in the timeline to display it in the source monitor, the outframe in the source monitor is one frame prior to the outframe on the timeline monitor, there is a mismatch there leading to some issues. All very odd.


      It doesn't seem like every clip is affected like this, but for the clips that are affected I can reproduce the issue 100%. I've reported this as a bug officially. Has anyone had similiar issues? Any work arounds besides cutting all my projects in CS5.5 for the time being?