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    Just Stopped Working

    Zach Waldman

      Hi there,


      I've been slicing images the same way every time, and all of the sudden, it stopped working.


      I start by choosing to edit the .jpg image in Fireworks from Dreamweaver.  I choose to use that file.  I make my slices and when given the option to save it as a .png, I do.


      Next, I swap out the .jpg image for the .png.  I chose to edit it in Fireworks again.  The slices I made are there and I receive a warning that the html will be changed.  I hit ok.


      I then hit the done button and am returned to Dreamweaver.  I then get a bunch of files (the slices) and my .png image is cut up the way I chose.


      It's worked every time, but now, it doesn't.  I still get all of the slices, but the original .png image is still in place without them.  In other words, the files (slices) are in my images directory but my image isn't being reassembled with them.


      I've tried dragging each image into the table cell, but after I've added two, I can never get the third image to be on the same line.


      Thank you for any help you may be able to offer.