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    swf files not loading properly


      Hello, I'm new to Flash and recently downloaded the trial to make a few things to add to my website. Nothing too complex, I made a slideshow of images and turned some images into buttons. Either way, after I publish the files and import the swf files into Dreamweaver, I always get a flash player error when I try to look at the content on my website. It will tell me that I need to update my flash player to 11.2. I've downloaded 11.2 multiple times, reinstalled flash player, and made sure that I do indeed have the correct version of flash player on this computer. Just to ensure that it wasn't a problem with my laptop, I checked with a different computer as well and it had the same problem.


      Is this a problem because I'm trying to create content with the trial version? Or am I just doing something wrong? After I create whatever I'm making in Flash, I save it, publish it, and import the .swf file into Dreamweaver.

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          As far as the trial version being the source of the problem goes, it is not likely because the trialversion is a fully functional version without restrictions on use. 


          What might be part of the problem could be allowing Dreamweaver to embed the Flash content into the web page rather than using the code that Flash will generate for embedding. 


          What you should do is publish an html page via Flash (set it up in the Publish Settings) and test that html page to see if you have the same issue.  If not, copy the code from that page and use it in place of whatever Dreamweaver created for it.

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            JaredBeaudrot Level 1

            When I publish it as an html file and open it, I still get the same error. It's weird because I have other flash content that I didn't personally create on my webpage that works fine. That's what made me think it had something to do with it being a trial version.

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              sinious Most Valuable Participant

              When publishing for the web you really never want to publish for any version of flash beyond what you actually need. That will annoy your users when you're not even utilizing anything in the latest versions of flash.


              Go to your publish settings, set the publish target for flash 10.1/10.2. I'm pretty certain it will look and work identical and you won't be annoying users with needing to update flash.


              Never publish to the latest if you don't absolutely need to. I published to v9 up until about 6 months ago, then finally started using 10.1/10.2.

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                JaredBeaudrot Level 1

                Thanks! I didn't have 10.1/10.2 as an option but I tried 9 and it worked.

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                  sinious Most Valuable Participant

                  Your users will be happy they don't need to install something unnecessary. Now you know!


                  Glad it worked for you and good luck!