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    Frameset in DW 6


      I know it is not done anymore, but I am a teacher at Dirksen opleidingen and would like to know what the best way is of making a frames site (with of course a frameset) in Dreamweaver CS6. I know that the layout for the frameset no longer is supported  in DW CS6, (because it is a feature that is no longer supported in HTML5) but as my students need to learn HTML I think it eminent they know what a frames site is and how to build it.

      It is still possible with insert to embed a frameset, but my problem is, that is within a normal HTML document. And a frameset is a html document in itsself.

      Can someone please explain how to insert a frameset and frames in DW CS6 in an easy way??

      For people just learning HTML 4?

      Thanks in advance

      Dineke Dankbaar

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          MurraySummers Level 8

          I think it eminent they know what a frames site is and how to build it.


          I completely disagree.  It is useful for them to understand what a frameset page is and how it works, but it is no longer useful for them to know how to build one.


          If you are intent in teaching them how to build a framed site, then it is appropriate for them to use Notepad/TextEdit to do this. However, you can do this in DW as well by creating a new HTML page, and using INSERT | HTML > Frames > { choose desired frame arrangement }.  Doing this will give you n+1 files (where n = the number of frames, and the +1 includes the frameset page).

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            Dankbaar Level 1

            Hi Murray

            I completely agree with your statement. But if you want to learn French you start with the grammar. And so it is (in my opinion) for HTML. So learn how it was used and evolve from that to better HTML. I also teach them CSS without frames (which I call framelike and that is done with CSS ) Only thing for me, is I want to teach them a bit of "history" and have problems doing so in CS6.

            And because they are using DW it confronts me with the problem as mentioned above.

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              MurraySummers Level 8

              But there really is no problem if you follow my suggestion.  All that has happened in CS6 is that the ability to select a SAMPLE FRAMESET page has been removed, but you can get there by using the method I describe.

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                Ben M Adobe Community Professional



                While I hear where Murray is coming from I don't disagree about you teaching them to show why they are no longer used even though they are still hidden in some programs and iframes can be necessary in some cases, unfortunately.


                But I have to disagree with your following statement:


                I also teach them CSS without frames (which I call framelike and that is done with CSS )


                CSS was never a replacement for frames and should not be taught that way.  CSS was developed as a way to separate the physical layout HTML code from the way elements are styled on the page.  Before there was the "font" tag or HTML elements had their set of attributes (eg: table --> width="625").  CSS eliminated that need by giving more universal access to styling across elements and to prevent having to type that "width" over and over again to instead use the id's and classes of elements.  For instance, now with CSS you can define a font size for a table, whereas prior to CSS this would have to be styled on a more individual level.  CSS effectively cleaned up the source code to separate the styles from the elements.


                A better comparison for "framelike" would be to introduce templates and/or Content Management Systems (eg: Wordpress).  The ability for programs to manage templates is what replaced the need for frames, not CSS.