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    Automatically moving to next slide?


      New to cs3 and flash and I'm struggeling to get the grip on how to work with it.

      I'm trying to achieve 4 seperate background images with text that fade in and out on each image. The images should load sequentialy, creating a slideshow.

      I thought that the way to do this was to create a "slide presentation" with 4 slides where the timeline per slide could be set up seperately. How ever I can't figure out how to make one slide load the next? I tried to do this by adding a gototNextSlide behaviour on "complete" event. This didn't work, nothing happens! The first slide just runs a never ending loop?! I tried adding the same behaviour for mouseDown, which works fine...

      I'm I compleatly off course? Should I have a totally different approch? I don't understand the action script in general, how do I achieve debug mode? I've tried adding breakpoints and run as "Debug->Debug Movie" but I don't seem to hit the breakpoints event with the mouseDown event which obvoiusly work?!