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    Red Epic 2:1 in a 16:9 HD world

    Tayedrummer Level 1

      Currently with Epic footage at 2:1 aspect I start a new sequence (Typically BlackMagic/8-bit YUV/Progressive/23.976p), load all the footage into bins, I have "scale to frame size" selected in my preferences but I then have to click the program monitor and manually scale the size to match the height of the frame and crop off the edges.  I then have to copy/paste the motion effect to all clips I'm using.


      There has gotta be a better way to do that.


      With Assimilate Scratch I can start an HD project, load the Epic footage, tell it to conform everything to 'match height' and VIOLA! I'm working in 1920x1080 and can still resize/reframe if needed as the Rocket card is doing the resizing and cropping. Is there a similar way to load in Epic footage to Premiere so it automatically resized and center crops for HD?