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    CS6 - Temporary cache I can't change?




      Running into a strange problem. I have all of my caches, renders, scratch disks, etc set to a specific 2TB disk that never usually fills up. The problem I'm running into is when I export using Maximum Render Quality on it starts to fill up my OS & Apps SSD that I have instead of using the 2TB disk. Normally it has 55GB available but mid-export OSX gives me a warning my disk is full and then Premiere Pro locks up. After a quick reboot the cache is gone and I have my 55GB back... Any ideas?


      System Info


      Mac Pro 5,1

      OSX Lion

      CS6 (Latest update as of posting date.)



      Source: RED Epic-X .R3D's, 5K, 2:1

      Timeline: .R3D's at 1920x1080.

      Duration: 5 minutes.


      Exporting to

      1920x1080 Quicktime using H.264 at 10,500kbps, AAC Audio, and maximum render quality on.