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    My project disapeared


      I have a video project I've been working on for about 20 hours that apparantly has been lost. I finished working on it and was putting it away. I hit the "X" to close the program. I could tell something was going wrong and when it closed I pulled the project back up again. All of my videos and music were still represented in the project window, but my timeline said (no sequences) and there was nothing there. There had been 2 hours of edited video clips and added music on the timeline that no longer appeared there.  Not only that, but when I finally settled down and accepted my loss and decided to rebuild it, I couldn't do it. I attempted to select one of my video clips and place it back in the timeline window by dragging it into that window, but when I placed the pointer on the video clip and pressed my mouse button, the little hand icon was there but there was a O with a diagonal line across it. Meaning that I can't actually grab it and move it onto the timeline. Nothing seems to be working the way that it should.