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    master page irregularities between versions?

    bhaines3 Level 1

      I'm in CS6 working on a document with another person who has CS4. She has created  original book-length documents. I have opened them in CS6 to make changes, and have saved them in .idml for her. When she saves the .idml and reopens it, however, some of the master page items are showing up where they should not (page numbers and runningheads on blank pages, for instance). They don't show up in my CS6 file, the .idml file when I open it in CS6, or in the pdf I made from the CS6 file, but they are in her saved .idml files, and it's a problem I can recreate opening them in CS4 and saving them. This makes both of us nervous that other mystery problems will crop up in these files. Anyone know what's going on here? Thanks in advance for any info on this.