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    "Edit" Button Nonresponsive

      Hi everyone. Some background:

      We have Contribute deployed in a 40 user office. No one except the "Publisher" group can actually publish pages; everyone else has to submit to them. Also, the only people that can edit the site root page (the home page) is the Publisher group.

      The trouble is that these two users in the Publisher group cannot edit the site root page because Contribute seems to ignore the button push event on the Edit button. The button appears just as it should, which indicates that the connection exists and their rights to edit the page are being read, but when they push the button nothing happens. It doesn't "think" for a second, it doesn't send a request to the server and hang, there's just nothing.

      No one else has this problem, and also the Publisher group people only have this issue on this one page. They can edit other pages without any problem. Removing and reestablishing the connection to the CPS resolves the issue temporarily, but after they go and make changes to other parts of the site the symptoms on the root page return.

      I've tried rebooting Contribute, removing and then replacing the users on the CPS roles, etc. Doesn't help.

      For whatever reason, this only seems to be a problem with the Windows client; the OS X version of Contribute works just fine.

      The problem originally occurred with Contribute 3.0, but after installing 3.1 it remains.

      Any help anyone can provide is appreciated.