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    Vector scaling off in Photoshop CS6

    ladri-bici Level 1

      Pasting an AI element into Photoshop as a smart object. On paste and then selecting smart object, the transform controls read 100%/100%. After hitting return to paste, the transform controls are disprorportionate, like 92.08%x  x 102.07%h.


      Bug or...?

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          Paulo Skylar Level 4

          I have seen similar behavior.  If you copy a single object from illustrator and create N different Photoshop documents, each having a different ppi, you will sometimes get N different W & H results when you paste that one object into those N Photoshop documents as a smart object. Typically, the higher the ppi the better your chances of having the results indicate W= 100% and H=100% after committing to the "transform". I typically see errors of +/- a few tenths of a percent - sometimes no error. Appears to be a resolution dependent calculation error.


          As I recall, the behavior in CS4 was the opposite, that is, when you clicked on paste as a smart object the W and H transform values were typically off by a small amount. After committing to the "transform", however, the object would always have W=H= 100% . I liked that misbehavior a bit better than the CS6 behavior.



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            Level 7

            The snap to pixel behavior may have to change the size slightly to snap to pixel bounds....

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              ladri-bici Level 1

              I thought of that as well. I have 'snap to...' turned off under view. Even after placement, I can't scale to a proportional percentage. Maybe I'm missing something, but I'm not seeing a snap to pixel option for smart objects.

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                Level 7

                Not the view snapping, the vector and transform snapping -- that is in preferences.

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                  ladri-bici Level 1

                  Gotcha. I tired that on and off, same results. Seems like that preference, as well as Aling To Grid, are only for vectors created withing photoshop, or layer paths. Not smart objects.

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                    arthur313 Level 1

                    I have the same issue in Photoshop CS5. Many times when I paste a smart object from Illustrator, it will initially say 100% x 100% at the top, but when I hit Enter to place the object is suddenly slightly skewed, for instance 100x100.41% or 98.7x100.2% .... it seems to be completely random.


                    I always have to click the "link" icon between the two percentages ("Maintain Aspect Ratio") to make it go back to a normal 1:1 ratio. This is very annoying. I paste from Illustrator to Photoshop many times every day and this is always an extra thing I have to do.


                    Has anyone found a solution to this? This is the only thread I've found that correctly describes the exact same problem I'm having, but I'm on CS5. I thought of upgrading to CS6 because I thought it was a bug, but it seems that won't solve the issue.