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    rookie Air v Projector question

    Dan74 Level 1

      So if I make a game (as in open flash, build a game in a flash file and spit out a swf, no subordinate files, no fancy tech outside of what I can publish to a swf) and I want to play it on my desktop or share it with someone else to play on their desktop, is there any benefit that AIR can provide over just pushing out a Windows Projector or Mac Projector?


      To be clear, I can code the hell out of AS1/2, but am so so (still learning) with AS3. I don't right classes, I just code all in my FLA. I'm not pulling in any outside files, it's all in my library.


      I get that Air can leverage a bunch of web technologies, but I don't need any of that so I'm wondering if there's some other reason to use it / learn it for my use case above.


      Any input appreciated. Thanks.