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    Mocha AE CS6 Cache Directory


      I accidently changed in mocha AE cs6 the Cache Directory folder on my mac, how do I reset it to its original folder it was assigned to?




      When I opened mocha AE CS6, I get a pop up saying "Failed to open file /Volumes/amixprayer/Art Institute/Quarter 7/Intermediate Motion Graphics/A01/Film Clips/CONTENTS/VIDEO/0001N1.MXF: corrupt or in unsupported format"


      Every single time I open Mocha, this screen pops up and I can't stop it.


      How do I make it stop?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          These options can be changed from File --> Preferences. If you cannot access this,then you'll have to delete the prefs manually. No idea where this data is stored on the Mac, but Iwould presume somewhere in Users:Silva:Library:Preferences. If so, there surely is some file to delete there. on windows it's stored in the Registry...