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    Indesign cs6 freezes on launch on osx 10.7.3

    smb8282 Level 1

      Using the trial version of cs6. Indesign simply stopped working today and nothing I do can make it work again. I've repaired disc permissions (nothing was wrong) deleted preferences, even uninstalled and reinstalled. No matter what, it just gives me a single, all gray window and beach ball forever until I force quit. It worked fine yesterday and I haven't changed anything about my os, installed any new programs, etc.


      I'm using a 2009 MacBook pro 2.8ghz with 8gb of ram running lion 10.7.3.


      I called tech support and they very helpfully explained that they offer no support for trial versions and suggested I buy it on faith that they would help me after I bought a broken product. Needless to say I declined.


      Of course i have lots of projects that are now cs6 only and I can't get at them.