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    Drop Down Links Not Working

    JaredHess Level 1
      I just received back the .HTM files for a decompiled HTMLHelp file (.chm) that I sent off for localization. The English source files were from RH6 I believe. Today I got the files back, I recompiled the CHM file using the FAR HTML help compiler tool. When testing, I noticed that my drop-down expanding links don't work. When I click on them nothing seems to happen. Popup links are fine however.

      Looking in the source code for the file I see this:
      <a class=dropspot x-use-popup=#POPUP257330034 x-popup-type=pulldown href="javascript:kadovTextPopup(this)" id=a10>bloque de pruebas de Hexagon (Hexblock_Wireframe_Surface.igs).

      The DIV tag for this looks like this:
      <div class=x-popup-text id=POPUP257330034 style='display: none; position: absolute' >
      <p class=figure>
      <img src="example_measure_4_circles.gif" alt="Crear un programa de pieza que mide cuatro c&iacute;rculos" x-maintain-ratio="TRUE" style="width:444px; height:208px;" width="444" height="208" border="0" class="hcp1">
      <p class=Caption>Crear un programa de pieza que mide cuatro c&iacute;rculos, parecido a &eacute;ste.

      So, the content is there. I'm just not sure why it's not dropping down the text when I click on the links. Any ideas?
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi Jared.
          the problem appears to be with the dropdown text code. Try this. Note the addition of the dreaded Kadov tags before and after your <p> tag.
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            JaredHess Level 1
            Thanks for the reply Colum. The problem wasn't that though. The English links work fine and didn't have the code you mentioned either. Note that these .htm files no longer reside inside RH. They have been built into a .chm and then the .chm has been decompiled for translation.

            I trouble-shot (is that a word?) this all day yesterday and found that the problem is due to the source code in the translated .htm files not having any line breaks. All the source code is on one line (see attached code below). This tends to mess up some of the javascripts. In this particular case the javascript function, kadovTextPopupinit, won't run because it is commented out due to the comment tag, <!--, being on the same line:

            <script type="text/javascript" language=JavaScript1.2> <!-- kadovTextPopupInit('a10'); //--></script>

            The solution was is to insert a line break in front of kadovTextPopupInit, like this:

            <script type="text/javascript" language=JavaScript1.2> <!--

            The javascript function then works properly. Now the problem is doing that to the 3000+ topics in the translated help project. I'm currently writing my own VB tool to do this.

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              RoboColum(n) Level 5
              You learn something every day. Some dictionaries do have a definition. Not sure I'd use it though