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    get 100% fill rate with ads


      Hello, I am using flash cs5.5 to create a mobile app. I would liek to add ads and have added the technique that is all over the internet on how to add ads to adboe air apps, using a seperate .html file.  So it all works and I have it set up with admob, the problem is admob doesn't whave a great fill rate, about 15% after hundreds of requests. If I want to add mediation with ad networks that admob doesnt support I have to create a custom event, but it only shows you how to add it using real Android SDK, and not flash cs5.5. I am very new to this, idealy I would like to add my leadbolt account(html based ads) to the my admob account which at the moment admob doesnt support. My main objective is to simply get 100% fillrate and i dont care with what networks or how many.