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    Text in a text box disappears upon clicking outside the text box

    robearbeach Level 1

      I am working on a Macbook Pro in Lion 10.7.  I am using Adobe Acrobat X Pro. 


      I create a text box and type words in the text box.  As soon as I click outside the text box, the text in the textbox disappears.  The text box is still there.  As soon as I click back inside the text box the text reappears.  I've confirmed that the text is black.


      I've seen multiple posts on the same problem but none of the solutions I've seen work.


      This is so frustrating that I'm giving up on Adobe Acrobat X Pro and using a free PDF editing program in using Windows 7 in Parallels on my Macbook.  Given how much Acrobat X Pro cost, I'm pretty fed up with Adobe generally.


      I followed a link to a solution to modify the register in Windows but I don't know how to do that on a Mac.  Morever, it's simply absurd that Acrobat Pro X is utterly useless for editing a simple PDF document.  This isn't a form.  It's a PDF document with no other fields.  I just want to add text.


      Any help would be appreciated.




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